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About Us

Our mission and our values demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe.

Our Mission

“Christ Church exists that Christ might be known more deeply, and that its people might know how to live.”


That Christ might be known more deeply.

We’re a church! We think it’s insane for a church to “go light” on content. If the church goes light on content about Jesus, where else can a person go to get it? TV? Movies? Media news? The unfiltered internet?

No, thanks! We think it’s the church’s job to teach people about Jesus clearly from the book that talks about Him, the Bible. Why waste your time in church, learning little of Him?

That Its people might know how to live.

God created us and “knows our frame.” He made us and knows what will make our lives and souls prosper, on the one hand, and what will bring us harm, on the other. We teach the Bible because we believe it’s where we get God’s instructions regarding how we can live according to our frames, that we may experience maximal blessing, joy, and satisfaction in life, even amid life’s trials.


Who We Are

We are ordinary people who have been filled with the extraordinary joy of Jesus. Discover more about our church family, as well as our passion for the city of Clayton.

Our Values

Our values demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe

Life is about God, not us.

Surprisingly, understanding and applying this is the key in life for blessing and joy.

The church is about God, not us.

When the church is about God, it is a joyful and safe place. When it becomes about us, things can get ugly, fast. Christ is to be central in the Church, for His glory and our benefit.

Worship is about God, not us.

Christ-centeredness is the key aspect of every worship service. We come there not to brag about ourselves or show “how spiritual we are,” but to exalt Jesus.

Knowing Christ is satisfying.

Jesus is the only way to God, and He’s perfect, wise, admirable, and fascinating. He is infinite, and we will never in this life exhaust knowing Him more fully. Hence, the Bible and the Christian life will never be boring.

Christ is king.

Jesus declared this to be the good news. The more we grow to understand this, the better our lives get.

Human beings bear God's image.

Because this is so, we believe in treating each other and our neighbors with love, kindness, and care.


A local church needs other local churches to carry out the mission which Christ has entrusted to all churches. 

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